⚞ Comet ⚟

- ■■■■■■■ McClain
- Comet McClain
- CoCo

Birthday: August 13th

Height: Shorty

Weight: 32 Apples

Species: Supposedly Human

Hobby: Drawing & Video Games

Secret: He wet the bed until he was 12 years old.

Comet is the younger of the McClain brothers. He's got a lot of problems, and continues to accumulate more as he progresses through life. The boy has no friends. He doesn't let it get to him, though. Much.


Cupid McClain
Comet's older brother. The two have been close since childhood, possibly a bit too close as of recent. Things may have gotten out of hand.

Hank Whittman
A boy from Comet's school. He's never paid him much mind before, but there's something weird & stupid pulling them together.

Seamus McClain
Comet's father. He hasn't seen him since he was sent to prison, about five years ago...

Maritza Osorio-Mendez
Comet's mom. She has always been in Comet's corner, she loves him very much. Comet wishes she didn't have to work so hard all the time.

Paula Gilesbie
A long-time family friend, she used to babysit Comet when he was little. They have a (healthy) sibling-like relationship.

Compton Calico's been about a year since they've spoken. He's someone Comet is trying to forget about.


► I Hate Everyone | Say Anything

► Whore | In This Moment

► Cold Heart - PNAU Remix | Elton John, Pua Lipa, PNAU

► Just Like You | Falling In Reverse

► You're Gonna Go Far, Kid | The Offspring