⚞ Paula ⚟

- Paula Peter Tiffany Gilesbie
- Killbo Baggins

Birthday: April 22nd

Height: Slightly shorter than average

Weight: Heavy

Species: Werewolf

Hobby: Roller Derby

Secret: She doesn't really understand how taxes or car insurance works.

Paula is a lifelong friend of the family, and the on-again-off-again girlfriend of Cupid. She often goes out of her way to help them out, especially since Seamus went to prison. She's very opinionated and loyal.


Cupid McClain
Her first real boyfriend, Paula and Cupid have had a turbulent but passionate relationship. Paula considers him her closest friend, even if he has a habit of pissing her off frequently. They're presently on a break.

Comet McClain
She used to babysit him when he was little, the two have a very sweet, sibling-like relationship. She's always looking out for him.

Seamus McClain
Paula is familiar with him, but she didn't speak to him much outside Pack-related issues. She knows he's done something unforgivable, and doesn't really want him to return to Ambermine.

Maritza Osorio-Mendez
She and Maritza have a good relationship. Paula is a bit intimidated by her, but she respects Maritza.


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