⚞ Cupid ⚟

- Cupid Guillermo Ramon McClain
- Cue

Birthday: February 14th

Height: Taller than Average

Weight: Heavier than you'd think

Species: Most likely a Werewolf

Hobby: Kissing girls & Quitting his job

Secret: He feels like he's already failed at life.

Cupid is the elder of the McClain brothers. He is trying his best to help support his family while their father is in prison, but his best isn't really cutting it. He doesn't really know how to handle the responsibilities thrusted on him. The boy could use some guidance.


Comet McClain
Comet is Cupid's younger brother. He cares about him more than anyone else in the world, but Cupid struggles to fill the role his brother needs. There's something weird going on here.

Hank Whittman
They've never spoken, but Cupid is familiar with the Whittman boy who attends Comet's school. He definitely doesn't like this guy.

Seamus McClain
Cupid's father, who presently resides in prison.
Cupid used to look up to him.

Maritza Osorio-Mendez
Cupid's mother. He struggles to help her financially, but he can't help but feel like no matter what he does, he's always dissapointing her.

Paula Gilesbie
Cupid's on-again off-again girlfriend. They've known each other since they were kids, and they've always been pretty close...even when they're in the middle of a nasty argument. Presently, they are taking a break.


► Tubthumping |Chumbawumba

► Thank You For Hating Me | Citizen Soldier

► Sunflower | Post Malone, Swae Lee

► Surface Pressure | Jessica Darrow (Encanto)

► Do Better | Say Anything