⚞ Seamus ⚟

- Seamus McClain
- Shae

Birthday: Unsure

Height: Slighty taller than average

Weight: You can never really tell

Species: "Werewolf"

Hobby: Trouble

Secret: When it comes to people, he says he doesn't pick favorites. He does.

Comet and Cupid's father. He's presently in jail for reasons that are unclear. He has a complicated relationship with his family. He's a real piece of shit.


Comet McClain
Seamus's youngest. Seamus isn't aware of a lot of the changes his family have gone through without him.

Cupid McClain
Seamus's older son.
He's got lower expectations for this one.

Maritza Osorio-Mendez
Seamus's wife. Well, they're not technically married.
He is very fond of her.

Compton Calico
Seamus's best friend, his pal. He's his home-boy, his rotten soldier. He's his sweet cheese, his good-time boy.