⚞ Calico ⚟

- Compton Calico
- Cal
- Cali-boy

Birthday: October 2nd

Height: Taller than Seamus

Weight: More than Seamus

Species: Werewolf, though not as much as he'd like

Hobby: Mechanical Engineering, Collecting Eagles Memorbilia

Secret: He's very good at keeping them.

Calico owns and operates a garage and junk yard, where he spends a lot of time tinkering on projects for him and his associates. He is Seamus's right-hand man, the two could be considered best friends. Depends on which one you ask, though.


Seamus McClain
Calico is Seamus's right-hand man. They have a strange relationship. Calico harbors some insecurities.

Comet McClain
Something weird is going on here...


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