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"Welcome to the Bone Zone!"

What's New?


Chapter 4 of Any Other Name has been completed. I organized all the files in preparation to upload them. I hope to have it up this week.

Added Chapter 3 of Any Other Name. It's image heavy so you'll have to refresh the page if everything doesn't load, but I kinda prefer the scroll style to the gallery style personally. Still procrastinating starting my art gallery page...

Added my Terms of Service to my infformation page for commissions since I've been taking them on a lot more recently. I hope to have a proper gallery started soon, that's a daunting task. Chapter 3 should be ready to upload to the comic page later this week as well. Other than commissions I've been working on Chapter 4 of AoN, I'm about 30% through I think. I hope to have it done before New Year's, but that might be a bit ambitious...

Added Seamus's Homepage! Though it's not quite as clean as I'd hoped, I was trying to play around with the code without a template for once. Hopefully I will have time to clean it up a bit at a later time.

Added a Shrine to Comet's homepage and uploaded a ton of buttons to it. Also trimmed down my Shrine page a bit to only include sections with workable links. I'll fill it out eventually. Added a Collections page as well, though there's not much to see yet. I think I just have the art page to do before all the homepage links are officially functional, but that's the page I've been dreading the most since I'm unsure how I want to organize it.

Set up the links page and added a handful of links. I hope to fill it out more soon. Also added some temp buttons folks can use if they'd like to link back to me!

Set up the Shrines page! Added the first shrine for Cernunnos. Little barebones, but I plan to flesh them out as I go. Added a few previews for some more I plan on making, but I might come up with more later.

Added an Information Hub page for Any Other Name, as well as a "secret" link -- if you click Comet's picture, it will bring you to his homepage!

Cleaned up homepage a bit, began work on "comics" page. Links to other pages technically work, but there's not much to see just yet. Chapter 1 of Any other Name and short personal comic are now avaliable on the comics page!

Finished Welcome Page, began working on homepage.