Sunny With A Chance Of Cloud







I've been getting a little bit better with CSS. This is just a scrapbook I'll use to post about whatever is on my mind. Things I find interesting. Snippits. Links. Whatever. If you've scrolled to get here, it means you've found the very first post on this little secret side blog. Presently, I don't have any active links to get here, so how did you wander into this place?

I made this page because I wanted to be able to vent and shit without social media. Not just bad venting, but sometimes I hyperfocus. It's fun to have a place to express yourself that isn't social media. I know it's most likely no one will ever read this, but that's not the point. I made something that didn't exist before now. That's pretty cool.

Here's a list of some good coping mechanisms:

  • Doing something creative (Drawing, painting, doing web design, etc...)
  • Going for a walk outside to get some sunshine and fresh air
  • Do a chore, something simple and easy
  • Go find some things to take pictures of!
  • Play a video game with a friend
  • Unplug, step away from the computer
  • Kiss and cuddle your cat
  • Journal, Write out your feelings
  • Make up a new oc!
  • Look up a recipe using a reverse recipe calculator
  • Read tarot, or do something spiritual
  • Listen to music
  • Do some yoga or stretches
  • Try something new

I'm stressed, and I'm very sad, but I'm going to try to work hard.